Passero's Coffee Roasts THE PERFECT COFFEE!

I live in LA, and everyone who knows me knows I love coffee. Everyone who doesn't know me also knows I love coffee. They can tell at a glance as I happily swig from my omnipresent travel mug all day every day from 6:30 A.M. until around 4:00 P.M. For years I've been on a quest for the best coffee in the United States. Nothing official, just a deep personal belief that I deserve to enjoy the best damed cup of joe known to mankind. I do you know...and I think you do too. Really, the tasteless or downright acrid swill being sold as coffee everywhere should not have to be ingested. But I digress. Recently while in Philadelphia, my husband enjoyed such a delicious cup of coffee at Passero's Coffee in Penn Center that he immediately asked the owner what the secret was. Turns out, the owner, Jeff Lincoln loves coffee as much as I do and after years of sourcing the very best beans he could find... he's now undertaken to hand-craft his own roasts and produce t


Guess what our dinner of Garden Burgers needed? Sloppy Slaw! It was a delicious side salad and a surprisingly sloppy delicious burger topper! The ingredients are simple: 1/2 bag of shredded cabbage 2 Tbsp yellow mustard 2 Tbsp catsup 2 Tbsp Mayonnaise 1 Tbsp poblano pepper, diced 1 Tbsp jalepeno, diced Salt and pepper to taste 1 Tbsp juice from pickle relish Let the flavors marry in the refrigerator for up to an hour and serve. Yum-O!


Yeah, I said it. You know that you like corn nuts so much that you put them in your mouth and bite down with a fleeting thought to your dentist, followed by a flicker of a prayer that is something like, "I hope this corn nut doesn't crack my molar..." Well, the other night at dinner Hudson scolded me and the girls for crunching on said offending corn product because of the list of unpronounceable ingredients listed on the bag. Hey, don't blame me, blame Bobby Flay who topped his gazpacho with them right there on Barbecue Addiction and he inspired me. So last week when I was lunching at LA's Grand Central Market and staring at bulk giant corn kernels I got an idea. Make my own and eat as many as I want. Here is the simple and yummy recipe: Corn Nuts 1 cup giant corn kernels, dried (they look, um, just like corn nuts, just raw) 1/2 cup vegetable oil Season salt, to taste (brand of your choice, I used Papa Cristo's) Put corn kernels in a container


COFFEE + FOOD 5630 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90004 Neighborhood: Mid Wilshire Oh Coffee + Food you have enslaved me with your DIRTY CHAI!   The coffee and food are key but the + is key in Coffee + Food because there are pluses everywhere in this new Melrose East joint. Crisp flavorful fresh ingredients present themselves refreshingly interpreted in surprising sandwiches, sweet breads, take-away boxes and specials. Another + is the space is perfect Another + is the staff rocks Another + is the owners are cool Went there for breakfast with my kids this morning and the space is very kid friendly with mini Etch-a-Sketchs that kept little hands busy - they even have a baby steamed milk in an espresso cup so the little ones felt very grown up. All they needed was candy cigarettes and they' look like they were French. This place is frankly so awesome I'd love every other business in the neighborhood to take a cue from Coffee + Food so it would be


Maggie and Barney Treadway's inspiration for Wine & Cheese was their own riff off of the Parisian cafe experience. Lucky for Denver -- they hit their mark and then exceeded Paris in a spectacular way. Hey, I love Paris and rent apartments there for extended stays whenever I can, but I honestly have never come across an establishment like this in the City of Light. Maggie's extraordinary palette makes every single plate that comes out of her kitchen something to savor. She's your personal cheese guru so you don't have to be intimidated by unfamiliar offerings because she's taken all of the guess work out... every single cheese is delicious. It's true that Murray's Cheese Shop on Bleeker in Greenwich Village is my personal Toys 'R Us and my husband calls them when I'm not answering my cell... but there have been times when I make a mistake and buy a cheese that is a bit off from the last batch that a dairy offered -- but when Maggie makes the sel


I returned to Los Angeles from Greenwich Village NY and THE CUPBOARD was still staring me down. No prob. In LA we're experiencing "June gloom" which I love and makes me want to snuggle, curl up and be warm. I opened the cupboard and was confronted with a 24 oz can of whole tomatoes, a box of whole grain penne pasta and I immediately thought of a cozy night in front of the TV with Hudson and seconds or third helpings that are guilt free because they contain fresh vegetables. See? Virtuous. Follow my logic Hudson had gone to the neighborhood farmer's market and gotten ripe tomatoes, fresh garlic (so fresh the skin hasn't become paper), onion, and a lovely eggplant. OMG! This is cupboard recipe is going to be SO GOOD! EGGPLANT COMFORTER 24 OZ CAN WHOLE TOMATOES with juice 1 lb WHOLE WHEAT PENNE PASTA, cooked 3 min before al dente 1 head of garlic, chopped 1 onion, chopped 1 med eggplant, cubed 6 small fresh tomatoes, blended 1 TBSP olive oil 5 oz Regiano Parmiggi


Tonight I had like 8 minutes to jump into the challenge to feed Hudson and his staff working long hours in our home office. I squared my shoulders, put my arms straight up overhead, bent my knees slightly and dove head first into The Cupboard. LA is enjoying June Gloom now that it's June 1st, we call all cool days that. I figured that something hearty would be appreciated. I sprang out of the 5 walls of the cupboard with a jar of Ralph's Pizza Sauce (grabbed that for pizza night months ago but Hudson turned his nose up at it), a can of white Kidney beans and a small can of corn, red pepper and jalepeno. Why not transform the pizza sauce with chili spices? Why not indeed. I can make chili with cut-rate jarred pizza sauce and Hudson won't know better. I'll make Ralph's brand name sound Mexican and everyone will salute me for the great ''South of the Border" meal. Ralphael's Pizza Chili 11 oz can Corn, Red Pepper, Jalepeno 14 oz jar Ralph's Piz