Alejo's Presto Trattoria Italia
4002 Lincoln Blvd.
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
(310) 822-0095

About 10 years ago a girlfriend of mine and I used to go to unassuming little Alejo's after work. Somehow we were lucky enough to get off work at a time that allowed us to get a table before the nightly rush. We'd happily munch the delicious fresh bread after dipping it into the insanely divine garlic oil. Then we'd admire the handsome waiters and finally order dinners that silenced our conversation - only groans of ecstasy would emanate from our mouths. Every last item on their menu was delectable beyond words.

Then we'd go home to our boyfriends who would could tell where we'd been by the waft of garlic that preceded us through the door. Mine would tell me to go shower and brush my teeth, but it never worked. Alejo's garlic is powerful.

Last night I went back to Alejo's and the place was packed. We signed in for a table and only waited 5 minutes. We didn't bring a bottle of wine like the other diners, but all I was focused on was the food. It didn't disappoint! And the garlic oil is exactly the same!

I gobbled up the Shrimp Al Filletto until I was beyond full. The sauce, roasted garlic (hello! yes! more garlic!) the tender butterflied shrimp had the shell on it so I got to play with my food and it slowed me down just a tad so I could take a breath in between bites. They have very generous portions so I took the rest to go.

Hudson had the simple House Salad which has dressing that is so good it should be illegal, tomato and meaty chick peas. I shared that with him but I was careful to only take a bite of his Chicken Piccatta because what I really wanted to do was dive into that Piccatta and do the back stroke - and that would have been rude.

We wandered out into the night and I had a revelation - 2 garlics cancel each other out!

See you at Alejo's (but this morning I've got Alejo's in my fridge and I'm about to have the rest of my stash of roasted garlic Shrimp Al Filletto for breakfast. Yes, cold, standing right in front of the fridge).


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