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Atomic Cafe– The Food You Want to Eat

Atomic Cafe 5001 W. Washington Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90016 (323) 935-6789 FREE WIRELESS Mon - Sat 8am-8pm Sun 9am - 5pm Atomic Cafe would be the perfect place to run and grab takeout if it wasn’t so darned inviting to dine in…or even outside on their sidewalk tables. Clean, hip, and a tad futuristic, I wanted to hang out the moment I walked inside. Even on a Saturday night just before closing, the food was fresh and the staff was attentive, kind and helpful. The kind of service that makes a place you feel not only welcome… but valued. Speaking of value, their breads are to die for and handmade daily by neighboring Normandie Bakery. It was an unexpected delight to find such artisnal breads and crusts… which leads me to their pizza! You can have your own personal 10” with a sensational herbed crust that is baked on stone. Build your own with any topping adding just $0.49 each, or do what we did and try their BBQ Chicken Pizza. Wow! Hard to believe the flavor whollop of that combinatio