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3337 1/2 W 8th St Los Angeles, CA 90005 (213) 427-0601 What can I say? Guelaguetza makes me happy and full! That's more than I expect from a restaurant. Cheerful staff, warm colorful atmosphere, elbows on the table crowd, live music, never a wait and HELLO! Who knew that this Norse gal had an affinity for Authentica Comida Oaxaquena? I've tried a few times to order something other than the Clayuda with the string cheese, but it just proves too tempting. I have branched out and enjoyed the quesedilla with huitlacoche and I must say that I didn't expect a grayish black truffle/fungus that grows on corn would be that delicate and lovely. The other day we had a bunch of friends stop by for the afternoon, and I called in a big TO GO order. They had everything hot and ready and I looked like a rock star. Grab your friends, sip a margarita, tap your foot to lively music and order tons. It's affordable and DELICIOUS! See you there! Ivy

Pho 36

Pho 36 1147 S Western Ave Los Angeles, CA 90006 (323) 766-5329 This is my GO TO meal during the week. For over a year I've been heading to Pho36 for excellent noodle dishes, yummy egg rolls, fresh summer rolls and Vietnamese Iced Coffee to perk me up. Normally I park at the front door, but when the barbecue place in the same mall is packed, street parking has never been a problem. If I'm doing Take Out, I sip my coffee while my order is wrapped up. But when I'm dining in, they've always got something interesting on the TV, and the service is great. Not having tried the tendon and tripe (more traditional) Pho offerings, I can say that all of the pho soups I've ordered were hearty, satisfying while still feeling healthful and light. They have wonderful vegetarian options and their toppings of nuts, cilantro, sprouts and sauces are my favorite part of Vietnamese cuisine. See you there (almost any night of the week!) Ivy


I'm not a political gal by nature. I've been staggeringly lucky in my life to have not been oppressed (more than my share) and I find it very easy to play by the rules. When I'm confronted with others who are being oppressed, I'm happy to lend a hand and sign a petition, etc. What does this have to do with food? Well, last weekend I was hungry for breakfast so Hudson took me to The Larchmont Bungalow. We stopped on the sidewalk at the entrance and noticed that price tags were fluttering from the tables and chairs. The door had a paper sign that read "Buy a table or chair and get a free LOBSTER". Hmm, we thought that odd. The friendly staff explained that The Bungalow isn't zoned for a dine-in restaurant so they were pretending to be a retail store/take-out establishment. Wink wink, nudge nudge. The place is really lovely and diners were relaxing and eating in the cozy atmosphere in front of the fireplace, and seemed a shame to be challenged by the local