Bar Americain

Bobby Flay has done it again. Delivered another delicious and memorable evening. His friendly staff greeted us warmly and even his sommelier was super helpful and non-intimidating. We enjoyed the impressively towering "The Raw Bar Selection" and completely binged on the most delectable fresh seafood that I've had in a long time.

There's something so decadent about having that amount of oysters and crayfish and shrimp and clams and crab and mussels to nibble on and slurp until you have to lay back in your chair and rub your tummy. No bickering over the last raw oyster, no jostling for the last drop of habanero hot sauce or stone ground mustard mayo dip, and when I mentioned that I love minionette sauce, they brought me extra. It was a dinner to remember.

But I must back up -- we began the evening by celebrating our engagement with a bottle of VEUVE CLICQUOT PONSARDIN and dove into the asparagus chopped salad with Vermont cheddar and meyer lemon vinaigrette. And in an effort to try and keep on a more virtuous path that didn't veer us too far into the land of lean marine protein, we also enjoyed a side of griddled mushrooms and onions with dinner.

Bobby's staff has always taken good care of us, and on our special evening (yes, I said "yes") it was a delight to be eating this Iron Chef's offerings!

See you there!



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