Now I am beginning to understand the allure of soups. I never tend to order them when I'm out and I certainly haven't made them. BUT I appreciate them when I order at a restaurant and they come with my entree. Say with my sandwich at lunch or my sushi. So last night upon arriving home from a weekend in Vegas - with the larder bare, I asked Hudson if he wanted dinner. He did. It was a cold blustery night and without thinking I grabbed a bin of mushrooms from the veg drawer in the fridge, an onion, a head of garlic and a pot.

OMG! All my years of staring at Food Network is beginning to pay off. I tell you! Chopped onion and garlic, sweated them in some olive oil. Dumped in the mushrooms. Poured in a glass of water. While it was simmering I added salt, pepper and herbs. As I got out the stick blender I knew it wouldn't be the right consistancy to have that luxurious feel that cream of mushroom soup needs to keep from being a disappointment.

I grabbed a can of organic white beans. drained the liquid and dumped them into the pot. Then I just blitzed the whole thing with my stick blender and to wake it up I added a dash of sherry vinegar and more than a few dashes of Tobasco sauce.

Let me tell you, I'm on the verge of becoming soup obsessed. I am in danger of taking anything out of the fridge and making it into soup. How liberating! Water, left over veg and a can of beans? What took it over the top was some whole grain toast with a smear of butter, sprinkling of garlic salt, and grated Fontina cheese. I mean, you can't have soup without something to dunk in it right?

Creamy, delicious and perfect on a cold night!



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