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That will roll right off the tongue right? IvyEatsEverythingButNotInAmericaGenerally. Catchy. No? Well too fucking bad. That's the new reality. Deal. For years I've purchased yummy veggies and products from local farmer's markets and knew that it was good to buy fresh food from local farmers -- but I didn't understand the gravity of the choices we make when we eat. I watched the movie Food, Inc. on Friday evening and after about 10 minutes, I vowed to stop eating any and all fast food - that includes sodas as well as any and all industrially raised meats. Done. I'm only going to purchase eggs from small farmers at markets... no big grocery chain eggs anymore. Ugh! I love vegetables, so it's not a hardship, but I'm so programmed to eat, well, everything. Now I have to think more about my selections. Today at Ralph's salad bar, I had to put the spoon back into the oriental salad because I could see it had some shredded chicken in it. Awareness of wha