Island Fresh Fish Market & Restaurant

5101 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90019
(323) 936-9778

In the mood for shrimp or fish? Check out this neighborhood spot for everything from gumbo to curried shrimp bowls to salmon steak. And their eclectic menu offers more than just fish – locals crowd in for offerings like jerk chicken wings, steak kebabs and veggie burgers.

Last night we received a hearty welcome from Andrew, the owner, who was happy to recommend his favorites in his soft Jamaican accent. He took great care in his preparation of our lemon pepper snapper on the griddle so it was still juicy on the inside, and lightly crisp on the outside. The fried fish was equally delicious, and while both dinner specials were served with tartar sauce, he beamed with pride as he presented us with his secret Island Fresh Sauce. That sauce is a real winner! Sweet with a light spice that lends a warmth and excitement to anything you could put it on. I had to close my eyes and savor it on every part of my meal, fish, shrimp, greens, hush puppies and even as a salad dressing! Andrew said that people have asked him to bottle it, but he’s not interested in doing that, so you’ll have to come by the corner of Pico and S. Redondo Blvd to experience it. Now I must find a way of ripping it off and making it at home…

The side dishes were great compliments to the meals, smoky stewed greens, rice, beans, sweet potato fries, coleslaw, and a delightful fluffier version of a hush puppy they call ‘Festival’. Two fellow diners told me that the locally baked bread featured at Island Fresh is so delicious that they’ve seen people “freak out after tasting a sandwich, and ask for their orders to be put on bread too please”. So today I’m going back for a fried oyster sandwich with their outrageously large oysters, plus a side of Festivals and as much of that secret sauce as they’ll give me! On a side note, I was happy to see silverware and real dishes instead of the usual landfill-destined plastic and Styrofoam.

See you there!

Hours 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Credit cards accepted – except American Express
Prices range from $3.69 for burgers, to huge family combo specials for $30.99
Street parking
Outdoor seating


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