11500 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 207-5555

I was just dropping off a package at the post office on the corner, and was enticed by the aroma of well seasoned food. You know, that scent of herbs and spices that makes your taste buds override your schedule? I stood looking at my car and then involuntarily turned toward the food... Javan was what the sign said. I figured I'd check it out.

The place is nicely decorated with a lovely full bar that features a cut stone wall cascaded by a waterfall. Having to rush back to work from my lunch break - I was sorry that I didn't have time to relax and be seated, but Hamid greeted me warmly and offered the menu To Go. As I ordered my kabab take out, he remarked, "I see your mouth is watering already". The price was right too! $7.63 with tax for lunch. You'd pay that for a "medium meal" at a fast food restaurant.

And it was fast! I sat for just a few minutes awaiting my lunch, but it was enough time to see that when Hamid wasn't greeting people in a warm and welcoming manner - another man appeared to greet entering diners and make them at home in comfortable tables.

That's a talent - nothing awkward. No confusion. A well run front-of-house. I was also able to see people truly enjoying their meals. Most patrons appeared to be of middle-eastern heritage, but certainly not all of us.

Poof! My meal appeared - carefully wrapped and I Ioved my flavorful kabab, fresh green salad and warm flat bread. I'll be back soon. I'll have to bring some for my office-mate because she's remarked at my meal's aroma "Wow! Watcha got there?" which could mean she is distracted by the spices. But hey - 2 people eating spices cancel each other out right?

See you there!



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