The Tandoor Won't Hit You in the Butt

2622 Pico Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 581-9964

My prowl for food I want to eat at lunch continues. I'm finding good stuff, and I want more. Hudson & I popped into Tandoor- India today and it could be one of my go-to lunch spots.

Clean? CHECK! Friendly? CHECK! Efficient? CHECK! and while some diners were ordering off the menu, as usual, I had NO time. I opted for the All You Can Eat Buffet. While making up my mind, they delivered steamy hot samosas (stuffed with peas, spices and potatoes). They have 3 sauces at the table including that refreshing green mint sauce I've seen only at some Indian establishments. Hudson is a sucker for it and has to ask at most Indian restaurants and I get to enjoy his description of what it is. Hilarious! I feel him. I mean, how would you describe it?

Hudson: Well. It's green. I mean, very green.
Server: Hot?
Hudson: No, it's not spinach. I think it's mint, but it's not just mint.
Server: But it's a sauce?
Hudson: You put it on things. So it might be a sauce, or a um, condiment perhaps...

Oh! Good times! Anyway...

I stuffed myself quickly with basmati rice (fluffy), Aloo Gobi, my favorite way to eat cauliflower (flavorful sauce paired with potatoes), Saag Alu (will make a fan out of anyone who thinks they don't like spinach) and while diving into these, they arrived with a fresh-out-of-the-oven basket of Naan. Not doing meat, I didn't taste the Chicken Tandoori and Chicken Tikka that others were clearly enjoying, but I must say, for $7.95 you can't beat it this place for lunch. The buffet really hit the spot, even though I wanted to go back for more. I was too stuffed to go back for dessert but watched Hudson enjoy his rice pudding with fresh orange slices.

Now I've got their menu sitting on my desk and I'm fantasizing about future meals there and highlighting:
Vegetarian Tandoor-India: Saag Paneer, veg of the day, dal, rice, naan, raita or salad $7.40
Vegetable Samosa: with mint sauce and sweet tamarind sauce $2.95
Dal: Lentils cooked in garlic and spices $6.50
and you gotta know I'll be adding the garlic or onion naan and "Pickle Stand" which is imported hot pickles and sweet mango chutney!

See you There!


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