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PACIFIC FRENCH BAKERY PANADERIA 4152 W Washington Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90018 Neighborhood: Mid-City (323) 735-1700 OK, all I can say is "SHUT UP!" I've been cruising past this panaderia on Washington Blvd since I moved to the neighborhood and cursed the unbelievable buttery, yeasty, baking aromas that emanate from the building -- because there always seems to be a line that snakes all the way out onto the sidewalk. Patience and I have never been friends. I hate crowds and detest lines. It even keeps me from Disneyland which is the happiest place on earth... or so I've heard but I wouldn't know because it has crowds and lines for everything. *sigh But these delicious scents get right inside my car as I cruise past and they're better than hot Krispy Kreme aromas! Last weekend I broke down because our Sunday farmer's market at Washington and Wellington Square had a surprise no-show from our baker. Breadless I headed back to Paci
SANTA MONICA SEAFOOD 1000 Wilshire Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90401 Neighborhood: Santa Monica (310) 393-5244 After my office relocated to Santa Monica last year, I vowed to investigate new places to shop for groceries -- and seafood is something that I prize not only quality and freshness -- but provenance above all else. Preferably I'd like to speak to the fisherman, but a monger who can speak knowledgeably about the waters, and characteristics of the fish is good too. I cook by the rule "If it smells like fish, it ain't a dish" at least not one that I'm cooking. True, I adore pickled herring, but that is preserved fish -- never to be confused with fresh fish. Today my schedule cleared as two meetings cancelled back to back so I grabbed my shopping bag and headed to Santa Monica Seafood. It was just before the lunch rush so I easily found a parking spot behind their store/restaurant. I was happy to find it spotlessly clean and pleasingly