4152 W Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90018
Neighborhood: Mid-City
(323) 735-1700

OK, all I can say is "SHUT UP!"
I've been cruising past this panaderia on Washington Blvd since I moved to the neighborhood and cursed the unbelievable buttery, yeasty, baking aromas that emanate from the building -- because there always seems to be a line that snakes all the way out onto the sidewalk. Patience and I have never been friends. I hate crowds and detest lines. It even keeps me from Disneyland which is the happiest place on earth... or so I've heard but I wouldn't know because it has crowds and lines for everything. *sigh But these delicious scents get right inside my car as I cruise past and they're better than hot Krispy Kreme aromas!

Last weekend I broke down because our Sunday farmer's market at Washington and Wellington Square had a surprise no-show from our baker. Breadless I headed back to Pacific, ready to stand in line. Happily, you don't really stand in line, you shuffle along as their knowledgeable staff gets you every dang thing you want. The wait wasn't really a "wait" so from now on, I won't let the line scare me.

I tell ya, I don't speak a lick of Spanish, but I was floored by their cool baked goods and they waited on me too soon. All I could do was clap and point and rush around to different cases asking things like "Cheese?" and "Apple?" and nodding like a starved moron. When she packed my large shopping bag and told me that my bill was less than $5 I was convinced that we'd finally hit a language barrier. Nope. This place caters to locals who have been hit hard by the recession, and they know their demographic. For what I would have paid for an egg sandwich and a tea at Starbucks just few doors down, I received 3 pastries, 1 big divine seasoned buttered bread slice that doubled as a pizza later that night, and some cookies!

Not being an afficianado of El Salvadoran VS Mexican VS Cuban baked goods, I have no idea the names of the items I purchased, I'll learn more as I go -- but I'm a quick learner and I'll be there every chance I get. They also sell their own fresh eggs by the carton at the best prices in town.

See you there!



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