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What can I say? Stella's won my heart and my stomach and my ears. Last Monday I was turned away when trying to make dinner reservations by every other restaurant in town* except Dennett's Warf on the pier - but I'd just eaten there twice in 2 days and was looking for something new. Lance at The Castine Inn recommended Stella's with a happy "They have the best food in the area!" The place was packed but the staff made room for the two of us and we cozied in to peruse the menu while sipping a really dirty martini. Their pasta is delicious but the show stopper is their stacked fried green tomatoes and lobster. The delicacy and texture and just darned yumminess of this towering Napoleon of flavor had us dueling with our forks for the last morsel. The crisp crunch of the coating on the tomatoes yielding to the tender inner tartness - sandwiching succulent chunks of lobster. Oh! If you're up in Castine taking in the lovely fall foliage, don't pass up the op