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MMMM! Naga Naga Ramen

I was famished yesterday while waiting for an appointment in Pasadena and wandered the blocks of restaurants, eateries and just plain chain-store food establishments looking for something that I really wanted to shovel in my mouth. Then I saw Naga Naga Ramen, and then I smelled the intoxicating mixture of Chinese, Thai and Japanese food that solved my problem. The service was quick and friendly. My biggest problem was that I wanted to eat every side dish on their menu... OMG! Can you imagine Soft Shell Crab/Gyoza/Fried Corn Croquette/Seaweed Salad/Geso Kaarage with Isobe Age?!?! I considered it as I wouldn't have to moisturize for a week because my skin would be well-lubricated from within. But then I looked at their more nutritionally sound Ramen Tonkotsu and Ramen Shoyu and Ramen Miso and Udon dishes and abandoned my sinful idea to take a walk on the wild SIDE(dish) of fried heaven. Then there was the offerings of "revolutionary ramen" which completely flipped me out