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Who's Ya Pappa?

Papa Cristo’s 2771 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90006 (323) 737-2970 Did you grow up in a gregarious household where everything that came out of the kitchen was delicious and everyone was welcome? Well, if you didn’t, you’re lucky to have Papa Cristo’s C&K Importing as a second home – a relaxed atmosphere with food that is not simply to be missed. It was opened in 1948 by Sam Chrys to bring authentic Greek products to Los Angeles, and his son Chrys Chrys “Papa Cristo” has kept up the tradition of low prices for high quality with friendly service. A refreshing departure from the norm of paying sky-high prices for imported foods in specialty stores (Do you hear me L’ Occitane?). Nutritionists have been increasingly recommending a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil, fish, vegetables – but while this is news to the average American diet of processed substances that pass as food and saturated fat – the Greeks and their neighbors have known the health benefits of the