I've been craving comfort food all day. You know, one of those days when I wanted mac & cheese for breakfast, mashed potatoes and gravy for lunch and a nap. For tonight's Whatcha Got challenge my eyes went right to the can of black beans in the cupboard and I'm very excited about dinner. MMMM. I rooched around and found the packet of McCormick's Cheesy Taco seasoning mix. I used a teaspoon to flavor a Tex-Mex casserole that I invented a few months ago. I picture the McCormick test kitchen when their spice team came up with this stuff.

Chef: I think we could make our taco seasoning even more naughty
Scientist: Roger that. I've been working on a powder that tastes like Mexican queso on steroids.
Chef: Great. Let's mix it with our taco seasoning and get to work.
Scientist: Go easy with this queso flavoring, it's no joke.
Chef: Nah, I think death by queso and cumin isn't something our corporate lawyers can't handle

And then they lost their minds and went crazy and created this Cheesy Taco seasoning mix. It just tastes naughty.

Naughty Beans
1 16 oz can organic black beans, drained and rinsed
1/2 tsp McCormick's Cheesy Taco seasoning mix
1 Tbsp Cattleman's classic barbecue sauce
2 Tbsp Kalusyian's chimi churri seasoning

2 cloves garlic, copped
3 plum tomatoes, sliced
1 avocado, sliced

In a warm pot, mix everything except last 2 items until heated through and bubbly*. Top with tomato and avocado. Dive in! and serve with a green salad.

Hope Hudson likes it! It's like a bean burrito in a bowl.


*No need for topping with grated cheese because of the seasoning.


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