Last Friday we had the exterminators spray our entire home. I get up very early in the morning for work and napping is one of my greatest pleasures so I pushed past the workers as they left and crawled into bed to sleep for 45 minutes. I woke up and my tongue was numb (it's since revived) and Hudson was staring at me in an accusatory fashion.

"Hey. I need my rest."
"Do you really know what's in our cupboards?"

I was only slightly defensive in my response. "Of course I know. I mean, I bought it didn't I?"
"How many cans of smoked oysters do you need -- cuz you know I'm not going to eat them."
"Depends, if I'm watching a good movie and I have pickled onions, 2 cans easy."

He grimaced and then challenged me. "Ivy, before you buy another canned or boxed grocery, use everything in this cupboard."

I was not the least intimidated and waved him off, "No problem."

So here is the challenge as I understand it: I get to buy fresh produce and proteins (and of course cheese or I'd become an axe murderer in t-minus 2 days) but otherwise I have to use up what I've stashed in the cupboard. Oh, and our cupboard is 2 feet deep and 3 feet high. I don't know the cubic footage, but I've got a bit of a stash.

I told my friends Kate & Anton about my challenge and the subject drifted to hoarding. Pshaw! I'm not a hoarder, but then Anton mentioned that show Extreme Couponing* and I realized that I've got to tackle my cupboard like it's a game show and I'm gunna win baby. Oh yes, I'll take canned goods for $300 Alex.

Now, let me see what I've got...


*I love that coupoining has become a verb!


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