Maggie and Barney Treadway's inspiration for Wine & Cheese was their own riff off of the Parisian cafe experience. Lucky for Denver -- they hit their mark and then exceeded Paris in a spectacular way. Hey, I love Paris and rent apartments there for extended stays whenever I can, but I honestly have never come across an establishment like this in the City of Light.

Maggie's extraordinary palette makes every single plate that comes out of her kitchen something to savor. She's your personal cheese guru so you don't have to be intimidated by unfamiliar offerings because she's taken all of the guess work out... every single cheese is delicious. It's true that Murray's Cheese Shop on Bleeker in Greenwich Village is my personal Toys 'R Us and my husband calls them when I'm not answering my cell... but there have been times when I make a mistake and buy a cheese that is a bit off from the last batch that a dairy offered -- but when Maggie makes the selection for you, you've got an expert who eliminates the possibility of a dissapointing slab of cheese that could harsh your mellow. Maggie is usually at the restaurant whipping up home made soups, sauces and extravagant fondues -- so ask if you can say "Hi". If you have a good joke, there are few things in life as fun as hearing Maggie laugh so give it a try.

Barney's passion for wine is inspiring, and he goes a step further as your personal sommelier, he hunts down wines that you may not have heard of but will have you heading next door to his wine shop to buy a bottle to enjoy at home.

What a wonderful place to relax in on a day of shopping for a late lunch, or bring a date and share a cheese and charcute plate, or chill out while traffic is at it's height on I-25 with wine, artisan panini and a salad so fresh you know it's healthy.

Next time I'm in Denver, I'm heading right from the airport (conveniently minutes away!) and I'm going to enjoy one of their 'wine flights' and the pate & cheese platter pictured here with my hubby.

Lucky Denver... I envy you because I haven't found anything like Wine & Cheese in LA or Manhattan.

Oh! And even if you don't have to go... check out the bathroom...I don't know why every restaurant doesn't copy W&C's restroom experience. I'm just saying'.

See you there!



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