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Passero's Coffee Roasts THE PERFECT COFFEE!

I live in LA, and everyone who knows me knows I love coffee. Everyone who doesn't know me also knows I love coffee. They can tell at a glance as I happily swig from my omnipresent travel mug all day every day from 6:30 A.M. until around 4:00 P.M. For years I've been on a quest for the best coffee in the United States. Nothing official, just a deep personal belief that I deserve to enjoy the best damed cup of joe known to mankind. I do you know...and I think you do too. Really, the tasteless or downright acrid swill being sold as coffee everywhere should not have to be ingested. But I digress. Recently while in Philadelphia, my husband enjoyed such a delicious cup of coffee at Passero's Coffee in Penn Center that he immediately asked the owner what the secret was. Turns out, the owner, Jeff Lincoln loves coffee as much as I do and after years of sourcing the very best beans he could find... he's now undertaken to hand-craft his own roasts and produce t