Passero's Coffee Roasts THE PERFECT COFFEE!

I live in LA, and everyone who knows me knows I love coffee. Everyone who doesn't know me also knows I love coffee. They can tell at a glance as I happily swig from my omnipresent travel mug all day every day from 6:30 A.M. until around 4:00 P.M.

For years I've been on a quest for the best coffee in the United States. Nothing official, just a deep personal belief that I deserve to enjoy the best damed cup of joe known to mankind. I do you know...and I think you do too.

Really, the tasteless or downright acrid swill being sold as coffee everywhere should not have to be ingested. But I digress.

Recently while in Philadelphia, my husband enjoyed such a delicious cup of coffee at Passero's Coffee in Penn Center that he immediately asked the owner what the secret was. Turns out, the owner, Jeff Lincoln loves coffee as much as I do and after years of sourcing the very best beans he could find... he's now undertaken to hand-craft his own roasts and produce the ultimate coffee experience.

Hubby flew home with 3 different roasts and it was with great anticipation that I opened each of them and stuck my nose in the bags of bracingly fresh roasted beans. I was speechless. My family watched as was carried away in a sniffing, grinding and sipping frenzy. My 12-year-old was a bit freaked out and poked my husband's arm, "She's kinda scary."

First, Passero's packaging is a revelation. On the side of the 100% recycled paper sack with a compostable liner to protect freshness, are helpful notes about the roast and beans. And even more shocking...they're accurate!

The Ethiopian has a smooth lovely cherry-ness that's downright lush. 
The Tanzanian Peaberry finishes with hints of divine dark chocolate and raspberry. 
But the Kenya AB has just knocked my socks clean off. That's what my hubby tasted in Philadelphia, and let me just say, if I wasn't married to him, I'd marry this coffee.

Imagine a guy with a coffee stand in Philly being obsessed enough to artisanally roast his own coffee? Imagine that guy having a palate that can create blends that make you fall in love? I mean roasting great coffee has to be incredibly complex because most people with enough passion to buy a roaster just end up burning it, christening it 'dark roast gourmet' and calling it a success.

My experience with this Passero's coffee makes me think of that movie where Juliette Binoche moves to town and unleashes everyone's lifelong passions with chocolate. Forget Like Water for Chocolate. Like Water for Coffee!

Now why can't we have that Philly coffee stand here in LA? What are the chances that this Jeff Lincoln would open a Passero's oh, say on Pico Blvd?



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